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At Entel Development, we offer a holistic range of services to cater to all your branding needs.


Jessi is the absolute best! For my websites, I did not want to have to work with somebody that one was not affordable and two was above my level of abilities on websites. Jessi took on the challenge and ran with all of my requests with no issues. Always produces the content I send her for updates within a very reasonable timeframe and is extremely easy to work with. The most affordable developer I have ever found as well, which is nice for small businesses. She developed brochures and websites for all of my businesses at a quick, effective rate. She took over and ran my current site, as well as developed a brand new site for me and did a spectacular job. She was very flexible on her timing and let me take things at my pace, which was extremely beneficial as well. Very highly recommend Jessi and Entel Development for any of your developing and marketing needs.

Wes M.

Jessi, with Entel Development, was a literal LIFE SAVER for us. We had been locked out of our advertising account for months, and very well could have lost our business page we have been building for years. She was patient and helpful and had our issue resolved within a couple hours of sitting down with us. Wish we would have reached out from the start. If you are having any sort of Meta/Facebook issues, DEFINITELY reach out to Jessi ASAP!

Camee N.

It is a unique ability to understand and balance the nuances of creativity and the analytical world of structured business. Jessi, from Entel Development, was excellent at seeing the big picture and relating her skills to help others achieve their goals. Working with Jessi was a pleasure and the numbers showcased her skill and abilities. We achieved our annual digital goals 7 months into 2023, and her influence and guidance were instrumental to our success.

Jake H.

I absolutely love our site and am completely blown away by it.  There are so many little details in there that encapsulate what we represent, and it’s not “sales-ee” at all. It is completely relatable. The biggest trend in marketing nowadays is not to sell, but to have personal and relatable stories.  In a way, the site is ahead of the curve. Our website is the gold standard for what a site should look like and represent. Thank you for all your work!

Dawn J.